Thursday, June 6, 2013

Submit Public Photos for Our Reunion Album! Use #03CudaReunion

We're getting ready for lots of fun this weekend beginning Friday with our Jump Off through Saturday night into our comedy show and after party. (Registration Still Open!)

With all that's going on how will we track pictures and updates?!

For Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest AND FACEBOOK PUBLIC POSTS:
Use our event tag! #03CudaReunion

You may also email with links or files to add you images to the 10 year reunion album. 

To Email a Post to the Class of 2003 Group send it to: 
With our event hashtag everyone will be able to follow our reunion as it happens. After the weekend we'll search all of the internet for #03CudaReunion tags to track down images and create a single Class of 2003 10 Year Reunion Album.

Doooo iiiiiit!