Monday, May 27, 2013

Tickets to Jump Off Party Available for Advance Purchase and Leo Will Give you a Hug.

Recently Leo Araujo, co-organizer for the C/O 2003 Jump Off Party announced tickets can be purchased online in advance.

Purchasing in advance would be an excellent assistance to Leo and Raul who have diligently planned our Jump Off Party happening the night before our Saturday Night in Seminole Paradise. CLICK FOR FULL AGENDA. With funding available in advance Leo and Raul will be able to secure more for our class party.

We always like to give you options, of course! Ticket buyers also have "select other payment" option to complete their online registration and then select "Pay Offline"/"Pay At the Door" to submit payment later. This option is also available if you will be purchasing a class reunion t-shirt individually as it is not included in the cost of the party. See recent post: T-Shirts Available for EVERYONE! 

For Additional Guidance see screenshots below or email