Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alumni in the Spotlight: Derek Sutta

Current Occupation: Microsoft, Xbox Business Development & Strategy
Academy at Coral Reef High School: Business
Favorite Memory/Activity about the Reef:
Top 3
1.     Cory Kronhiem selling hot dogs during lunch in the back of his pick-up truck & staying in business by bribing security guards with free food (esp. that fat one)
2.     The Spanish translation of substitute teachers name: “Marty Cone”
3.     Coach K’s smile (you either completely know what I am talking about or have no clue, it’s not something you forget)

After Graduation:

Moved to Chicago to attend undergrad at Northwestern – turns out it is crazy cold there. Managed to stay in Chicago and become a strategy consultant at Accenture (during this time I lived with Chris Bennett). I hated that job, a lot. So I left to start be #2 at a start-up. Wasn’t sure if it would ever make it big, much less survive, so I left for my MBA at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. While in Philly, I started working for Electronic Arts in San Francisco (I’d fly back and forth a lot), where I did Strategy & Analytics. Graduated from Wharton and felt like XBOX was a better fit for me long-term. XBOX is part of Microsoft, so I live in Seattle now. In my role at XBOX I primarily focus on international strategy & business development.

Couple years ago I wrote a book about card counting with a friend and one of the infamous MIT card counters that was published (http://openairpub.com/book/blackjack-domination). Needless to say, I got pretty into blackjack for a while. Now I am pretty much not allowed to play blackjack anywhere in Las Vegas.

I’m married, have a dog, and am incredibly glad I don’t have to wake up to go anywhere at 7:30am anymore. I believe I was tardy 45 times my senior year.

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