Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alumna in the Spotlight: Glenda Suarez

Current Occupation: Publicity Coordinator at Discovery Communications

Academy at Coral Reef: Medical

Your Favorite Memory/Activity about the Reef: I have bad memory, but I am grateful for the friends I made - specially my best friends Marina and Jenny.  Going on field trips was always fun!  

After graduation:  Went straight to FIU that summer.  Finished in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Communications, specializing in Public Relations, and 2 Minors: Marketing and Photography.  

During my last year at FIU I interned with the official NBA photographer of the Miami Heat (2006-2007 season).  After that fun internship, I interned at a public relations agency where I was eventually hired and worked for about 3 years -- most of that time my main client was the Mexico Tourism Board. 

I got to travel to 6 different places around the country taking journalists on tours to promote travel & tourism - best time of my life! Check out pics on Flickr 

In the summer of 2010 I landed a job at Discovery Communications (yes, the one that owns Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, etc.) working for the Latin America/US Hispanic division.  Some of my most memorable moments working there include a trip to NYC to see Mike Tyson in person at our press conference for his pigeon show; talking over the phone to many other cool TV talents such as Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni (hottie with no shirt and tigers by his side), the Dual Survivor guys from Discovery Channel (crazy barefoot dude and military companion) and just recently I spoke with Honey Boo Boo's mom (not that I like that show, shhh!); and traveling to London this past January 2013 for Discovery's annual Global Communications Summit where I had some time to enjoy the sites and meet my colleagues from far far away like Taiwan, Moscow, Poland, etc. 

I've done a bit of traveling for personal amusement too, but I've yet to travel the world. I'm working on it!

And thanks to all my hard work I purchased my townhouse at the end of 2011 where I currently live with my boyfriend and our happy dog in Miami.

Any fellow PR peeps out there, feel free to connect

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