Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reunion: A Reminder of Your Foundation

What is it about a 10 year reunion that makes people reminiscent or (in some cases) try to block memories? Is it the lure of remembering the youth and innocence of a childhood long gone? Is it the warm and fuzzies felt when you remember your first explorations of emotions like love and heartache-- or what you thought they were at the time?  There are many questions to be considered when it comes to why we reunite. In the end, all these questions point back to the same place and that's a reflection of the past.

Reunions are for catching up, finding out whatever happened to <Insert Classmate or Teacher Name> and reconnecting with those from a past that laid down the roots of who we are today. It may not be obvious but that crush, bully, boyfriend, girlfriend, first time, etc. They were all part of shaping the individual we are today. The teachers, faculty, and staff (about 38 of which are still at Coral Reef. Drop them a note to say hello, will ya?) they all played a roll in influencing life choices from "what should I eat" to "who should I date?" When there was no one else to understand you better, we had each other, we had CRHS--our extended family.

Our reunion is an opportunity to say "Thank You!" to each other for showing us to be strong, showing us we are important, and nurturing the foundation for who we would one day become. There may not have always been a positive experience to remember for everyone but every experience was one of learning, one of growth and opportunity. The love and hate we experienced were equally as important to building character.

Who are you because of Coral Reef High School? Let us know in the comments and while you're at it, send in your bio! Several other classmates already have: Alumni in the Spotlight.

Reunite with a Purpose! Registration is OPEN. Early bird rates available. BUY NOW! Remaining proceeds from our class reunion will be donated to Coral Reef Senior High School. Questions? Contact the committee via email Barracuda@classof2003reunion.com. See you in 2013!