Thursday, February 21, 2013

Measure Your Success

How do we determine success? You may be surprised to know this but success is not about how much money you make (my opinion). It's how much happiness and love you have. It doesn't matter that you didn't become a star, invent the next big thing, or play the best in a national sport. What matters is you can eat every day, you're happy, you have love and you have what you need.

Any time we see a class reunion portrayed in the movies there's always a character or two lamenting of the "unsuccessful" person they are compared to classmates. Forget about other people! What about the adversity you overcame? The challenges life threw your way that made you proud to say "I did that." or " I made it through that." YOU FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL and that is a big deal.

Determine your own measures of success and be proud!  Where are you now and what have you been up to? Send us your bio and be the next addition to our Alumni in the Spotlight.

Post your comments here on the topic of success and let us know your thoughts!

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