Thursday, January 24, 2013

6 Items We're Raffling for the CRHS C/O 2003 Reunion

We're giving you more when you buy your Class of 2003 Reunion Tickets! We're getting ready for a great fund raiser on January 26, 2013 in Cutler Ridge where we look forward to welcoming friends, family, and neighbors in helping us make the CRHS C/O 2003 Reunion an affordable one. 

The most exciting part about this weekend is ticket sales will finally launch! Our event date is June 8, 2013 so those of you from out of town get your flights and confirm your hotel. When you buy your ticket you'll have the option to purchase your raffle entry. You'll be very interested in our raffle ticket prices so don't miss out!

Check out the 6 items you'll see when you purchase your ticket for a chance to enter and win! *Retail value is not the raffle ticket price. 

If you are interested to enter the raffle but will not be able to attend our event send an email to, we'll work it out!

OFFICIAL MLB Baseball SIGNED by Logan Morrison of the Miami Marlins.
(You thought we were raffling off the man, didn't you? Admit it.) 


$495 Retail Value Women's Pink Angel White Dial Invicta Watch! 



$129.00 Retail Value Nike Vintage '76 Sunglasses!


 $99.95 Retail Value Red SENA Zipbook iPad (First Generation) Case!


$89.99 Retail Value Hello Kitty 5.1MP Digital Camera Kit with Photo Editing Software!


Win 1 item out of 10 from our Assortment of Double Feature Classic Films on DVD!

Reunite with a Purpose! Registration will open January, 2013. Remaining proceeds from our class reunion will be donated to Coral Reef Senior High School. Questions? Contact the committee via email See you in 2013!