Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Highlights from our 2003 Yearbook

One thing we can be sure about is our 2003 Yearbook, Tsunami 2003, was full of great highlights. 
Here are just a few picked out for your reading pleasure...

Lauren Fundora would remove "Like" from the English language--

Sorry, Laura, Facebook took that word to a level we never would have imagined

Cuda Kingz and Cuda Queenz 

Raul Garcia and the Panther Piñata

Ups of being a senior: "You can skip in the lunch lines and none of the underclassmen say anything to you." Chris Bennett 

Julia Buck was missing for her Top Ten Seniors Picture so they cut, paste, and put her in there 

 We were Pinning before Pinterest

The cover could be drawn on to make it more personal to you--no matter how artistically challenged you were. 

The special handwritten note from all of your friends. 

Parents and friends bought huge ads 

Someone had their name spelled wrong.... somewhere in the book.. was it you?
What highlights would you point out? 

Let us know in the comments! Post pics in the Facebook Group with your own flare or write a blog post and we'll publish it. Here's to happy memories and the count down begins to Reunion 2013! 

Reunite with a Purpose! Registration will open January, 2013. Remaining proceeds from our class reunion will be donated to Coral Reef Senior High School. Questions? Contact the committee via email See you in 2013!